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Cross Creek Hospital helps individuals struggling with prescription drug addiction build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Located in Austin, Texas, Cross Creek Hospital will help you smoothly transition from detoxification to our rehab center.

Learn More About Prescription Drug Detox

Learn more about detoxification from prescription drugs

Prescription medications, effective in treating everything from physical pain to mental health conditions, can provide invaluable benefits for those who need them. When taken under the supervision of a medical professional, prescription drugs can significantly improve the quality of one’s life when other types of treatments were not as effective. However, despite the benefits connected to consuming prescription medications, many of them can be harmful to one’s health and cause damage if they are not consumed as directed by a professional.

Because some prescription medications elicit feelings of pleasure when they are not consumed appropriately, many individuals are intrigued because of the mind and mood-altering effects they can produce. The longer that a prescription medication is abused, especially when done so recreationally, the more likely one is to become addicted to his or her substance of choice. When this occurs, it can be tremendously hard to end this form of substance abuse without professional help.

Treatment that offers detoxification (or detox) services can be the most beneficial option for those who need care to stop abusing a prescription medication once and for all. Detox can help an individual in removing toxic substances of abuse from his or her body, as well as helping him or her focus fully on the entire therapeutic process that he or she will be offered.

What Happens During Withdrawal

Learn more about what happens during withdrawal from prescription drugs

Depending on the specific prescription medication that is being abused, the withdrawal that one can experience will vary. Most individuals will experience some level of discomfort, cravings, and irritability, all of which can threaten one’s efforts to keep from abusing his or her substance of choice.

Withdrawal symptoms can develop quickly, and one’s immediate response might be to continue to abuse the prescription medication that he or she is used to abusing. When this occurs, an individual might experience feelings of defeat, and in turn, increase the amount and frequency of substance abuse to not just eliminate withdrawal symptoms, but also numb the emotional pain experienced as a result. This deadly pattern can make suffering a relapse a common occurrence and significantly increase one’s risk of overdose.

As is true for other forms of drug addiction, an individual often has to reach rock bottom before he or she realizes that professional treatment is needed to stop an addiction once and for all. In the event that an individual does reach this point, there are many different options for treatment that can make recovery possible and limit one’s risk of relapse and overdose.

Why Consider Detox

Why consider detoxing from prescription drugs at Cross Creek Hospital in Austin, TX

At Cross Creek Hospital, we realize the many challenges that those who are addicted to prescription medications can face. We also realize what it takes to defeat an addiction to these substances, and we are pleased to supply the support and treatments needed to achieve recovery.

When one enters into our program, the need for detox is evaluated so that each individual can receive the most effective care possible. When it is decided that detox is necessary, a patient will begin treatment with this service. Detox services at Cross Creek include beneficial support from our team and allow patients need to make it through withdrawal safely and comfortably. Our staff of experienced professionals supervise the health status of each individual in detox, and they supply the medical services needed to help them stay comfortable. Substance is abuse is prohibited at Cross Creek, so every patient who is receiving care will be unable to continue with his or her addictive behaviors.

Benefits of Detox

Learn more about the long-term benefits of detox from prescription drugs

Participating in a program that includes detox can help kick start a life that is no longer revolving around prescription drug abuse. Unlike when an individual tries to stop his or her addiction to prescription medications on his or her own, detox can help ensure that the patient will be able to keep from the continual abuse of substances and prevent relapse.

Because detox eliminates substances from the body, an individual can place his or her focus on understanding how and why he or she developed an addiction, as well as learn how to establish the skills and confidence needed to fully recover. Research has proven that obtaining detox can increase one’s chances of remaining sober for the long-term after this type of care is received.

More Information

More information about medical detox from prescription drugs at Cross Creek Hospital

If you or someone you love wants to receive care that can lay the foundation for a life free from prescription medication abuse, reach out to us at Cross Creek to learn more about the comprehensive care we supply.

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