Our Philosophy & Mission


At Cross Creek Hospital, we diligently work to ensure that our mental health services focus on the effects of having a mental health condition or conditions. The goals of the treatment we offer are to stabilize those who entrust us with their care by improving functioning and instilling new tools for achieving and maintaining recovery. Through the use of cognitive-behavioral, experiential, and didactic therapeutic interventions, we are able to facilitate care that will produce successful treatment outcomes. These interventions allow us to focus on the various ego states of a person’s personality, as doing this allows us to treat problematic behaviors and thoughts that can worsen an individual’s mental health. The presence of a mental illness can contribute to such issues, which is why we are dedicated to treating the problems and symptoms that can disrupt healthy functioning.


To provide the very best care to all individuals who seek services at our facility based on their needs, to create positive outcomes, and to instill hope for their futures.


To create a class organization that sets the standard of excellence in the treatment of specialty mental health and addiction disorders by partnering with the community we are a part of.

Core Values

The treatment and care provided to each patient is:


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